About Us

Reveal Globally is an E-commerce platform with the aim of bringing the world closer to you as we Walk & Grow Together . We allow sellers to sell their products on the platform and buyers to buy anything they want from the platform. We deal with two main features as at now:

Agents/Affiliate Marketing that allows anybody by paying a one time registration fee of Ksh. 500 ($5) , becomes an agent and are mandated:

1. to bring other agents to the system. For every agent you bring to the system , you earn Ksh. 400 (Direct referrals). Also for every agent your referrals bring, you earn Ksh. 50 (Indirect referrals) till infinity.
2. to bring sellers (who sells their own products) to the system. For every seller's subscription, the agent earns Ksh. 200 ($2) . Sellers are subjected to a monthly subscription of Ksh. 500 ($5) to keep their products available on the system. This commission will be earned as long the seller makes a subscription payment.
NOTE: 1. We disburse/send money to your M-PESA account immediately we receive your request
2. Our customer service is always alert to hear from you and sort out any issue you might be experiencing