Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we ship all our products to any part of the world.

If you have any query, just contact us anytime throught the channels provided at the bottom of this page. We will be glad to talk to you anytime.

To track your order, there is a link at the buttom of the page named "Track order", click on it and it will take you to a page where you will be able to enter the product/item tracking number (This is normally sent to your email address during the item purchase) and the email address. By submitting these details, we will be able to track and display the status of your order.

If you are not satisfied with the product delivered to you, you can contact us via email or phone and let us know about the product, we will then advise you to return the product to our offices where we will receive, re-check it and deliver a proper item to you within a reasonable and stipulated period of time.

It norlally take two to three business working days to deliver a product but depending on the availablibility, the time is subject to change.

Yes, for products that gurantee warranty, we provide full guaranty as per the manufacturer's stipulation.

Yes, if the product delivered does not meet your expectations, you are free to return the product within a stipulated timeframe to allow us recheck it before delivering a new one that satisfies you.